"What now?" Phase: How to deal with it after school.

"What now?" Phase: How to deal with it after school.

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After every graduation, there's always a sense of accomplishment. You finally finished school, celebrated with your friends, and finally accomplished something on your educational journey.

But after the euphoria of conquering everything in the past fades, you begin to feel that horror in your system, where you gradually stop remembering and have to focus on what lies ahead.

Of course, you can start a job, build your own business, or get a college degree. Sometimes you find yourself caught between relatives and colleagues who offer you various tips.

Even though you're sure you're planning to go down any of these paths, there's still this confusing feeling of not knowing if this is exactly what you want. And it happens to everyone! That's what we call the "What now?" phase, and if you start feeling that way, consider the following:

College shouldn't start right away.
With the advent of high school, entering college is still the way to go, because most employers in the Philippines still prefer college graduates. But the choice is ultimately yours; you don't have to start college right away!

Going to college right after high school is not always a good option for everyone; some may choose to go after a break from school or work during the year.

Any job can take your place.
There will always be this expectation of people who want you to get the best job after high school. But do you think working in commerce or as a security guard won't help you? After all, any work experience is valuable. If you remain lazy and unproductive after high school, you won't be able to translate your future job prospects well.

You don't have to know your specialty.
Are you still not sure of your major in college? Or are you still thinking about your high school education and now thinking about going to college in a different direction? It's perfectly normal to be unsure about the path you want to take. Your career choice shouldn't stay that way forever, and most people tend to change their courses in college and even choose a career outside their field of study immediately after graduation.

Make new friends, leaving the old ones behind.
In a rapidly changing world where people are busy with their lives, it's hard to take friendship for granted, but don't be afraid to make new friends while you're still in touch with the old ones at your school! If you had a great relationship during your high school years, their presence will certainly help you during your educational journey.

Keep your curiosity alive.
Curiosity can stimulate the brain in many ways, and asking questions is known to be a sign of intelligence. So keep looking for answers: Why not take free online courses or seek advice from older, established people? Who knows? The following question may lead you to more answers that will help you in the long run.

Take a moment to pause and reflect.
It's OK if you don't know what to do yet. Everyone has their own body, and you don't have to follow them! Take a break and know that no matter what choice you make, everything will be fine.

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