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This article is one of the selected winning entries from "Youth as Guardians of the Forest", a workshop written in collaboration with the Forest Foundation for university students in Bukidon. 

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The rain washed the land away last night. The sun is rising, revealing the beauty of every inch of the land. The wind is blowing so gently. The flowers and grass dance to a tune only they understand.

Growing up on a farm, I've always been fascinated by how beautiful life is here in Bukidon. The variety of fruit trees and crops is abundant and accessible to everyone. I remember a large guava tree that I climbed. I sat on its branches, observing everything around me, firing my imagination to explore the immensity that my little heart can comprehend. 

Mountains, rivers, waterfalls and hills have always captured my curiosity. They always made me think of the secrets and wonders they hold within me. I promised myself to reveal them one by one. 

I researched some mountains, caves and hills. One day, when my friends and I went to cast a spell on the caves of Piak and Sumalsag, I had to stop and admire the miracles around me. The splendor of Piak Cave was nothing like Sumalsag Cave, where we had to dive underwater.

I also experienced the exquisite beauty of Mount Kitanglad, with all its flora and fauna. When I dived into the cold waters of Balisbani Falls, I washed away all my worries. It brought me peace and tranquility, knowing that for many years I had kept the villagers alive. 

But it saddens me to know that some abuse the wealth of nature. 

As a writer for a school newspaper, I hope I can make a difference by sharing my knowledge and love of nature. I want to be a tool so that these gifts can be passed on to future generations. 

I want to be able to make others realize that the beauty of nature is worth preserving and saving. I want to be able to raise awareness about the protection of wildlife and the splendour of forests, and I want to encourage everyone to help each other to achieve this goal.

The wind is blowing. The flowers and grass are dancing to a tune only they understand. The sun is setting. The moon is rising, illuminating the vast and rich earth, and above it the stars are shining. The crickets sing to me as I sleep. It's great to be able to rest in my house.

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