The sound of silence: How can you pursue greatness on a quiet morning.

The view from my favorite den in the studio this morning, when I listen in silence on purpose.
You can find greatness in the quiet minutes before the day begins.

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A time when there are no cats growing and no night dew on the floor. In the face of the tyranny of noise and the barrage of warnings and questions of little consequence, you are faced with important demands.

When they hear your target in silence...
But in the silence I hear the whispers of today's true priorities, speaking to my heart and mind and settling my spirit. It is foolish to demand that those we do not receive in the morning and do not love become men of the morning. But I would be remiss if I did not point out that there is plenty of time and peace waiting for you if you set your alarm clock early and get up before anyone else gets up. The younger your children are, the more time you need to be alone. The more you work with your children, the more time you need to be alone.

Because for me, it's not really time to be alone. It is time spent with my Creator and with me, two essential people I must relate to if this life is to become more than a dusting.

Light your fire before the darkness comes...

I cannot wait to complete a growing list of tasks to determine if I am a worthy woman. Compliments from others are not enough to light and keep the fire in my heart.

No, my fire must be ignited with a purpose that strikes deep into my soul, for my vocation combined with the oxygen in my heart is still sufficient to maintain the vision that goes beyond the scratches of the lackey on the pages of my plan.

This is a fantastic way of saying that we can lose our vision of the forest, wandering among the trees, and yet, for the teacher and the mother, the dark forest is really very dark and very fascinating.

Seeing the view from the top of the trees...
The great trail can only be seen when I jump into a balloon early in the morning with a perspective and look at the meanders of life from a bird's eye view. There I can reorient myself and see a great goal in the walk I have to do that day.

I can talk quietly to the Senior Guide about the bats that spin around in my head to scare me off the tasks to be done.

I can see that I am a man standing with purpose, even though the peace and burden I carry often makes me feel like an underestimated mule in the herd behind me, which is still being thrown another trinket to make a journey, like proud horses throwing their mane in front of the entourage and eating from food bags full of gold grains and honey.

The questions that are common to all mankind are often best asked in silence...

You don't have to be a teacher or a parent to identify with the thought of the goal. These are things that are common to the human race. Questions about one's worth and ability to carry the load are questions common to all of us. However, many of us carry a burden that we should not, and we look for meaning that can be reflected in broken mirrors.

When was the last time you heard silence? Do you still hear only the turning of a page, the clicking of a keyboard, or the quiet, muffled sound of a car passing by?

Silence and the search for quiet time alone has been one of the most defining practices of my life, and this morning, as I listened to the silence, I silently heard the thought that perhaps there are others of you who are willing to serve, who are pouring from the jars of water about to dry up so that you don't waste a minute pouring more water from the well.

This time is something you must create for yourself, but my own time in prayer, reading and journaling is the most important time of my own day. When I started doing this for about 27 years, it changed my life a lot and still does.

The quiet time of each morning does not make me perfect, it makes me purposeful and determined to live a life that is too short to do everything. It helps me to choose.

Make an appointment now...
I hope you all make an appointment today, tomorrow, and the next day you will hear the sound of silence.

Because in such sounds you can simply hear the ringing of your call and regain your purpose and passion amidst the tyranny of a noisy and distracted world that will not leave you alone to catch your breath.

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